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We provide the perfect green screen solution for when you need to create your background in post-production. Evenly lit to enable high-quality filming and editing.


Configured in its greenscreen format, the videofrog studio allows for ultimate flexibility in post-production.

Your talent, including actors, presenters, or interviewees, can be ‘keyed’ into virtual studios, motion graphics based backgrounds, or any footage your project requires. We’ve invested in high-quality industry-standard foam 4 metre wide Chroma green fabric backdrop and 6m x 2m Chroma green vinyl floor.

By using this set-up, you can comfortably allow for seamless full body shots.

Our greenscreen comes pre-lit, so you don’t have to worry about setting up the lighting for this part of your shoot. We can advise you on making changes if you need to, but our experience within the environment means that it is lit evenly and efficiently when you arrive.

We can supply your talent lighting if required; please look at our equipment hire pages for more detail.

The studio is a large 64 sq. metre purpose-built facility. With soundproofing, plus air-conditioned/ventilated to provide a closed, controlled environment, it produces consistent, reliable output.

Our studio has been carefully soundproofed, with the studio’s structure and build specifically created to impede noise disturbance.
The floor and side walls are all built on acoustic mounts, and the door and window are studio-grade fittings.
Additionally, we have fitted sound absorbing drapes and a sound-reducing red light system that alerts the other building users you are filming and disables the doorbell.

HD cabling and an independent ‘clean’ power supply for cameras/lighting help deliver high-quality images for post-production.

Key Facts

  • 64 sq. metres (8 x 8 metres)
  • Width: 8.0m
  • Length: 8.1m
  • Height: 2.6m (at the lowest point – bottom of rigging bar)
  • Doorway width: 85cm
  • X3 point lighting set up
  • 8 metre wide infinity curve
  • 4 metre wide Chroma green screen, with 6 by 2 metre green vinyl floor for full body shots
  • Lighting grid (Fresnel, fluorescent or LED lighting) 16 & 13 amp
  • 53″ HD Screen on Moveable Stand
  • Fresh Air Ventilation & Extraction
  • Studio Water supply
  • Greenroom and client areas
  • Makeup and Dressing room
  • External Gallery Monitoring
  • Superfast Wi-Fi
  • Gigabit Internet Ethernet
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Free Tea and Coffee
  • Free parking


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